Assessments by Psychiatrists are required to answer the following questions:

Criminal law:

  • criminal responsibility
  • maturity of minors
  • placement in psychiatric hospitals
  • risk assessment of mentally ill offenders
  • risk assessment of prisoners before conditional release
  • reliability of witnesses

Civil law:
  • contractual capability
  • capability to make a will
  • capability to consent
  • necessity of care
  • placement in psychiatric hospitals in civil cases
  • capability for parental care

  • consequences of trauma
  • civil responsibility
  • liability for psychiatric and psychotherapeutic malpractice

Administrative law
  • Fitness for military service
  • Fitness for driving
  • Fitness for bearing arms



Consulting and Treatment

The Forensic Department offers individual pharmacological, psychiatrical and psychotherapeutical treatment for a limited number of forensic outpatients, a helpdesk and support for victims of violent crimes and other serious trauma. In other cases advice and support in finding adequat treatment settings is offered. Treatment and support strategies are developed in close collaboration with forensic inpatient units especially with the Forensic Department of the District Hospital Haar. The senior members of the team are active in supervising the staff of different high security hospitals and are consultants for resident psychiatrists, psychotherapists and probation officers.